Pam, who is a client of Verde Valley Caregivers, has a few challenges to remain in her own home. She needs a ramp up to her front door so that she can enter safely with her walker and her yard is overgrown with weeds and wild grasses. Saturday morning saw a workforce of volunteers from the Rotary Club led by VVCG Director, Kent Ellsworth, descend upon her property with weed whackers and rakes to clean up the yard.
Volunteers included Kent, Dave and Suzette Young, Jennette Bill, Catherine Moore, Eddie Passov, Jean Barton,  incoming exchange student, Daniel, and Cullen Hollister from Habitat for Humanity.
Daniel, who just arrived in Sedona this week tackled breaking up boxes that had accumulated in Pam's back porch for recycling. Welcome to Sedona, Daniel!
Jean Barton, Catherine Moore and Kent rake and bag while Ed Southwell wields the weed whacker.
Jennette Bill sets up a much needed water break. Even Catherine and Ed's dog, Oso, lines up for a cup.
Did somebody say water? Dave Young has made a list of materials that will be needed to create a ramp to help Pam enter and exit the home. She has already fallen trying to negotiate the steps with her walker. Habitat for Humanity will build the ramp.