Cleaning up Red Rock Crossing

Red Buckets ready Sedona Village Rotarian families gathered at Oak Creek Crossing on Memorial Day to tidy up this popular section of Oak Creek.
The Rotary Club of Sedona Village and the Oak Creek Watershed Council gathered on Memorial Day to clean up Oak Creek from Red Rock Crossing on the Sedona Village side of the creek. As the event gathered momentum 24 people met down at the parking lot near the end of Verde Valley School Road. The group of Rotarian's and other locals concerned about keeping our treasured Oak Creek clean during these busy holiday weekends then walked down to the creek. Gathering trash as they went the volunteers found dirty diapers, many single shoes left behind, plastic wrappers, bottles, cans and other items not worth mentioning. 67lbs in all was collected and removed from the creek and surrounding area!! We here of the Sedona Village Rotary Club are honored to have had a chance to clean up and protect our natural resource Oak creek. We plan on joining with Oak Creek Watershed Council again in the Autumn possibly after Labor Day weekend. If you are interested in joining us in the future please contact us at Sedona Village Rotary Club. And many thanks to Oak Creek Watershed Council and all they do.
Red Rock Crossing Clean-up