Rotary Club of Sedona will celebrate the International Day of Peace weekend by joining in a collaborative peace-building effort known as the Human Library™. For each of the last four years the club has joined forces with the Sedona International City of Peace and the Sedona Public Library in a Human Library™event to give victims of stereotyping an opportunity to tell their story. Because of the limits posed by the corona virus, the 2020 event will be held on Zoom
on Sunday, Sept. 20, between 10 and 1 p.m. You will hear from courageous people who transformed adversity and overcame self-victimization after being stereotyped for religion, race, gender identity, sexual preferences, body modifications or other reasons. The event features Human Books who have experienced stigmas and labels such as: White Male Cop, Navajo Jew, Gay Obese Adoptee, Divorcee, Near Death Experience, Transman, Spiritual Outcast, Heroin Addict and more. To register for this year’s FREE Sedona Human Library Event, visit:  For more information about the Human Library™ visit: