Club to bring more water to Navajo families

The Rotary Club of Sedona is selected as the 2020-21 host club for Phase 2 of the Navajo Water Project in Dilkon Arizona. As “host” the RC Sedona will be responsible for grant submission, oversight and reporting for all activities related to the related Rotary Foundation Global Grant (GG#2014122). Clubs from across the Western U.S. and from Canada, Mexico and other foreign countries have generously committed to support the installation of home-based hot and cold running water systems at homes on the Navajo Nation in the Dilkon Chapter. The Rotary Club of Sedona’s operational partner is DigDeep Right to Water Project, a California 501c3. The installations include a 1,200-gallon tank installed underground at the home, solar cells to provide power for the pump to bring water inside, a hot water system and in-home plumbing as necessary. Water trucks circulate every three to four weeks to fill the underground tank. Each installation costs roughly $4,500. Homeowners must apply for the systems and installations are completed on a priority basis, based on greatest need. Immediate Past District 5495 Governor David Simmer said, “Over 70,000 Navajo live without access to clean running water. Our goal is to raise as much funding as we can, so we can outfit as many homes as possible with water systems.” For more information or to schedule a program about the Navajo Water Project, contact David Simmer at, 928-284-4444.