Rotary Clubs to bring water to rural families on Navajo Reservation

Rotarians Gary Whiting (left) and John McKoy discussed a project to bring water indoors for rural families on the Navajo Reservation who have no tap water. Gary reported the Navajo Reservation has about $200,000 residents, $70,000 of which have no indoor water and/or toilets. While the average American home consumes 100 gal/day of water, Gary said the average Navajo home is only able to consume 7 gal of water per day. The Sun Lakes Rotary Club is developing a 2018-19 Rotary Global International Grant (Humanitarian: Water Project) and is looking for other Rotary Clubs and Rotary Districts in the USA and around the world to participate. The grant will provide running water inside homes on the Navajo Reservation. Gary estimates there are over 26,000 dwellings across the Navajo Reservation that do not have “inside” running water. The project will provide an in-ground water reservoir tank, pump, water purifier, solar panel, hot water heater and sink with faucets for each dwelling. Gary is asking for partners to help raise $112,000 to provide water for 25 to 30 homes. Dick Youngberg, the club’s foundation director, announced the club will provide $9,100 to the project. Club President Holli Ploog applauded the effort and announced the book "We're All Wonders" will be donated to West Sedona School on behalf of Gary and John's visit. For more information on the water project go to