St. Andrews Community Suppers are Back

The Sedona Community Suppers at St. Andrew's Church are back in full swing with about 60 guests sitting down on Jan. 30, sharing an entirely plant-based supper together. Some guests still grab-and-go, but most were ready to sit together and enjoy each other's company. In preparation for the Rotary Club of Sedona's first hosting of the event since COVID nixed communal dining, Rotary members updated their food handler's licenses and Jim Hose from St Andrew's Church was on hand to reorient our group to updates in the church kitchen. Under Ray Harris’s direction, fellow Rotarians and Healthy World Sedona friends helped with food prep and serving. Several church members joined the crew to help with clean-up. It was truly a group effort - Rotary, Healthy World Sedona, and St Andrew's Church serving the Sedona community. (Photo L-R) Peggy Harris, David Simmer, and Ray Harris.