For Rotary Club of Sedona every dog has its day. At least that was true during the club’s July 26 meeting at Sedona Public Library. Thirty-five Rotarians and guests joined the meeting to get to know German Shephard K9 Slider and Golden Retriever K9 Ivy for a description of their invaluable service to residents and visitors to the Verde Valley. Ivy’s owner, Jennifer Brehler (left), and Slider’s owner, Hank Summy, explained the crucial role their dogs play in finding lost hikers and other missing persons before something disastrous happens. Brehler is a Lieutenant for the all-volunteer Verde Search and Rescue Posse as well as being the executive director of the Humane Society of Sedona. The 35-volunteer group help locate lost, injured or dehydrated hikers, lost children, runaways, stranded motorists, conduct evidence searches, fire and flood evacuations and even, in those most unfortunate of circumstances, body recovery. The volunteers not only donate their time and expertise, but also their personal gear such as drones, off-road vehicles, climbing apparatus, mountain bikes, and, in the case of Brehler and Summy, woman and man’s best friends — Ivy and Slider. For more information or to inquire about joining for the Verde Search and Rescue Posse visit