Club supports Wildcats Extended Day Program

The Rotary Club of Sedona, with funds matched by Health First Foundation of Northern Arizona donated $2,500 for a total of $5,000 to West Sedona School's free Wildcats Extended Day Program. The gift helps the club fulfill this year’s theme: Working Hard for Working Families. “Funding the school's extended day program benefits children’s health and meets the needs of parents working in Sedona, even if they can't find housing or afford to live in Sedona,” said retired pediatrician and Club President Jean Barton. "I couldn't have worked without the extended day program at our children's school. I could afford to pay, but my clinic's support staff really struggled. They worried about their kids' safety and tried to parent by phone while at work. Data shows that accidents, inappropriate Internet use and petty crime peaks in the unsupervised after school hours. Children's mental health improves when they have healthy recreational activities of their choosing. Knowing that their kids are happy and safe also reduces stress for working parents."