October 8, 2019
Meeting Location
Heartline Café
2nd, 3rd & 4th Tuesdays
1610 State Route 89A 
Sedona, AZ 86336
Oct 08, 2019
Verde Valley Caregivers Coalition
Oct 15, 2019
Crypto Currency
Oct 21, 2019
4:30 p.m. Sedona Arts Center
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Club Group Shot
The club exchanged flags during its Sept. 10 meeting, receiving beautiful flags from Rotary Exchange Student Louise Desquesness (4th left, front) from Soignies, Belgium, and from "Sunny" (2nd left, 2nd row) from the Burbank, Calif. club. Okay--everybody smile!
Meeting Highlights

Mayor Sandy Moriarty says Sedona is in motion

Sedona Mayor Sandy Moriarty said the City of Sedona is one of the biggest multi-taskers she's experienced. While the city is updating building and land development codes, it also hired a sustainability coordinator to preserve and protect its natural environment. But the biggest issue, she said, is traffic. The city is now implementing its master transportation plan beginning in Uptown. Projects include two new roundabouts, building a median on 89A, and a permanent additional southbound lane. The city will also design a below grade, open air crossing for pedestrians to get to both sides of Tlaquepaque. Eventual projects include extending Forest Road to 89A (avoiding roundabouts), pedestrian bridges, and a right turn lane to Tlaquepaque. She said the parking meters paid for themselves in six months, with money now being used for Uptown projects. The city also wants to extend the Lynx transit service to Village of Oak Creek and tackle other issues such as affordable housing and the increase of short-term rentals. Vice President Al Barton announced the book "Little Bitty Friends" will be donated to a local school on behalf of Mayor Sandy's visit. Thank you Sandy!

Domestic abuse high in Verde Valley too

Matthew Kelley (left), executive director of Verde Valley Sanctuary, said the problem of domestic violence is everywhere he goes and is just a high here as other places. He said women come here from around the country and are hiding for their lives. Matthew says he works with a team of 34 women. The sanctuary provides a safe haven for victims of family violence and sexual assault, providing shelter, community outreach, legal advocacy and education and prevention. "We do good work and have a lot of community support," he adds. The facility has a play and outdoor area, which the club helped to raised funds for including a matching Rotary grant. Matthew said they've started a youth empowerment program and are looking for "super grandmas and grandpas" to spend time and read to children. They are also in need of volunteers for their thrift store. For more information on how you can help go to: President Paul Tibbs announced the book "Make a Wish Henry Bear" will be donated to a local school on behalf of Matthew's visit.

Dates to Remember

Oct. 21--Club and Charitable Fund Board meetings, 4:30 p.m. at Sedona Arts Center 
Nov. 12--Club Assembly
Nov. 18--Club and Charitable Fund Board meetings, 4:30 p.m. at Sedona Arts Center
Nov. 26--Club is Dark
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Editor: Linda M. Clark